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How to do your Christmas Card

Christmas Cards

 Week starting 28th: Explain cards activity.


-     We are going to use old thin cardboard used in posters exhibitions at school. Use other old paper and materials you find at home.

-     Try not to make a heavy card: the heavier the card is, the more expensive to send.

-     Clearly write who you address your card to on the top size of the inside of the card.

-     Ideas: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/christmas/


-     21 students who will write the cards to their exchange partners.

-     27 students from 3º C and D not taking part in the Exchange. 13 students (3ºESO C) + 14 students (3ºESO D). They should address their cards to: Someone at “Brigshaw High School”. In case we have the names of students, write so.  

-     3 teachers. Ms Gañán to Mr Thomas, Ms Rodríguez to Mr Vila and Ms Cabello to Ms Swindells.

30th November: Students hand in their cards’ writing content so teachers correct language.

5th December: Deadline for students to hand in cards.  

5-12 December: Scan and upload them to etwinning.

12th December: Sending all of them in an only envelop. 

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