• Christmas bazaar


The annual bazaar of our school took place on December 2nd from 4–7 pm. In my class you could decorate cookies. I was in charge of the cash desk. I have noticed that there were a lot of food stands everywhere. The atmosphere was very good. Many kids even were in the school yard for playing as it wasn’t cold.
On the ground floor there was the “Comenius department” where they sold things made by the children of the British, Italian, Polish and Spanish schools as well by our own children.
I think it is great that the money we have collected goes to a school in Uganda for the use to set up a library.
(Matthias, 5c)

The Christmas Bazaar took place within the whole school building. My friend and I were going through our school most of the time. There were many, many people in every classroom. The atmosphere was great and I think everyone had a lot of fun!
Everywhere the classes sold things the children had made themselves. At the end there even was an American auction! I think our class has made quite a lot of money.
I hope we have gathered enough money for the Ugandan school library!
(Moritz, 5a)

Our class sold waffles and we have collected mare than 180 €. I helped to sell the waffles and also went shopping for things which were sold on the bazaar. There were much more people attending the bazaar than I had expected to come. It was a little too noisy, but besides that it was very pleasant.
I think it is very good that the collected money will go to the school in Uganda because – when you look at the pictures of their school and their houses – they really need help.
(Joshua, 6b)

We sold Chapati. We saw candles made of honey. There was a hotdog stand. I liked it best in class 3b because they had cookies.
I saw photos from Africa.
(Karim, Lena 2b)