• George's life








A day in the life of George in Bongole, Uganda


My name is George, I live in Bongole (Uganda),
a small village near Zigoti close to Kampala.
I love to go to school.



Our school was built with money out of funds of the organization „Kindern eine Chance".



These are my friends at school.



There are boys and girls in my class.



In our classroom we are seated on new chairs at new tables.



We often have lessons outdoors. We have no school books and write everything
into exercise books.



During the breaks we often play football. We made the ball ourselves out of rags.



Or we play the instruments which have been donated to us.



I live in a clay house with my family.



I have to store my clothes on my bed as there is no wardrobe.



We carry everything on our head.



Using a wreath of straw makes it easier to carry the weight.



It is a lot of fun to climb the trees to pick the Jackfruits.



I’m very good using the machete. Here I use it to cut up the Jackfruit.



The other food we buy at the market.



We get the water in a canister at the watering place
(communal tap).



After the meals the washing up must be done.