Fund-raising campaign

Fund-raising campaign for a school project in Uganda

The co-operating schools wanted to make a contribution to the education and peaceful living of pupils in Uganda. Therefore the proceeds of two Christmas fairs at the Ethonological Museum Berlin-Dahlem and at the Dunant-Grundschule are to serve as a basis for buying textbooks at a school in Bongole to which a teacher of the Dunant-Grundschule has personal contacts. Children, parents and teachers of the English, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish partner schools participated in this joint action – a Christmas Bazaar - which was held in Berlin. The pupils of the co-operating schools in England, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain sent their handicrafts to Berlin to be sold at the fairs and thus took part in the campaign.

Within our mutual project „Footsteps for peace“ we are happy to support an educational institution in Bongole, as education is one of the fundamental human rights and peace cannot be realised without education and education cannot be realised without peace.
The fund-raising campaign for financing the library in the school at Bongole was very successful and amounted to more than 2.900 €. 2.000 € was firstly transferred to the organisation “Kindern eine Chance” which is in charge of this project. After having received proof of the donation’s use the rest of the money were transferred for a further project - contribution for purchasing new tables and chairs in a class room at the Ugandan school.

Thanks to all members of the EU-project Footsteps for Peace

  Letter (PDF), 120 kB

Karin Graber, representative of "Kindern eine Chance"
(contact person for schools)
sent us a letter which proves that our engagement was turned to good account


» see also report published on website of "Kindern-eine-Chance" (in German)


„Kindern eine Chance“ („A Chance for children“)
Pupils want to help


How it began

In January 2008 Stephan Pleger experienced the enormous poverty
of the children in Uganda. In Zigoti, a small town in Uganda, he watched a man whose effort was to take care of little orphans. Stephan himself was member of „Doctors Without Borders“ at that time and he decided to help those people - together with his wife and a few friends. He called his organization „Kindern eine Chance“


First steps

The organization was founded in Austria in 2008. Soon two residential buildings with kitchen and latrine were built in Uganda with the first money from donations. 50 of the poorest children could be better taken care of, but the need was so big that more and more people asked for help.


The aims

„Kindern eine Chance“ mainly helps children who have lost their parents by Aids. The initiative „Kindern eine Chance“ at first built residential buildings in the little villages close to Zigoti (St.Agnes, Madudu, Bongole und Kakiri) so that the children would have a roof over their heads and not become street urchins. The staff cares for better nourishment and medical care as well as for the building of schools. On a farm the children learn how to grow plants and how to take care of animals. There is also a tailor’s shop and other workshops. Thus the young people get acquainted with different jobs and trades. Most important is that the children learn to help themselves und that’s why they need good schooling. By now there are a few schools there, but they are all quite overcrowded. The children love to go to school. They wear school uniforms and get a warm meal at school. The organization pays for the school fees. But how can you learn and remember everything if there are no school books and no exercise books and pencils are scarce.


Our help

The pupils participating in the Comenius project "Footsteps for Peace"  want to help the children in Bongole, Uganda and want to send the money they collect by having Christmas fairs at a Museum and at the Dunant-Grundschule in Berlin to Bongole for the purchase of school books. The organization really needs support and therefore is looking for people who want to become sponsors or just want to donate money!


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