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Cantabria summer highlights 2012

 I´d like to invite all participants in the EUrope project to watch this slideshow ,a big long, but in my view, it´s well worth having a look at it. 

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Bellum Cantabricum Memorial


Las Guerras Cántabras or Cantabrian Wars Festival is held in Santander and Los Corrales de Buelna sites in the last week of August yearly. 

Locals like to turn out to the streets to see parades or visit the ancient Roman market stalls. Cantabria people also feel proud of their Roman and Cantabrian ( old celtic local tribe ) heritage.

Hiking in Picos de Europa & Saja Natural Parks

 Picos de Europa & Saja Natural Parks offers impressive and varied landcapes to be walked at your pace. A network of hiking tracks make it easy to plan a route, whether you have a few days.

Vídeo de Picos de Europa&Saja Parks Hiking Tour: Paulino’s trip to 9 cities including and Cangas de Onis was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

 On the 1st of June etwinners at our school held an open doors day to show the actitivity done along the year to other classes, pupils´parents and local authorities.

It consisted of a series of personal comments, talks and a online exhibition of the works uploaded on the project webpage. This short video tries to capture only a few instants of the event.


SP Closing comments

Spanish participants felt like leaving a short comment on the EUrope project.



by Alex Ceballos & Víctor Fernández - 3yr Secondary class

by Sara Ruiz & Daniel Samperio - 1st year Secondary class

Spanish traditional folkloric dances

By Daniel Morante - 2nd Secondary clacc. 

Spanish traditional folk costumes

 by Iris Pi & Angela Vega -2nd year Sec.class - and the etwinning group at Colegio Puente.


Old traditional shepherd´s musical instruments from Spain

 When you watch and listen to the music blown out of this array of simple and humble instrument, you´ll probably feel being travelling in the past. I am sorry you can´t follow the whole explanatory remarks as they are told in Spanish. Shame ! 



Easter music festivals in Spain

 When it comes to excel in Easter musical events, there are two places you can´t miss out: Cuenca and Segovia.


Spanish pupils play foreign traditional songs

 Even though they found it a bit steep at first - they did every effort practicing hard at home - until they managed to play it by heart more or less well. Some of their mates didn´t feel confident enough to be filmed.

So, let´s give them a clap and another even louder to their neighbours. 

Spanish traditional songs


We are happy to show you a pair of songs of our homeland . Flute, drum, tambourine, steel triangle and chinese wooden box sounds have been combined in the melody.



Spanish classical music masterpieces by Granados, Falla and Glinka.
Las Marzas ( A traditional singing parade from Cantabria, SPAIN )

 On the last evening of February, men in Cantabria used to gather in groups to sing together ( a capella ) typical pieces called " Las Marzas " or March songs in houses, streets, canteens or church premises. The Marzas words find inspiration in a mixture of  both local profane and religious elements.

Neighbours, onlookers and relations would mass around them and give some money and bread, eggs, ham, bacon, wine ... as presents.

Then, they put all these things together in a sort of feast at a canteen or restaurant where women are usually invited to share this special meal.



A collage of Carnival highlights in Cantabria, Spain

A collage of Carnival highlights in Cantabria, Spain


Traditional dances from Cantabria

 Cantabrian folklore deepens its roots in ancient times problaby some centuries before the Roman conquest .

Old group dances are examples where to find some traits of the uniqueness of this land.


La Vijanera - The First Winter Carnival in Spain.

 La Vijanera Carnival is a traditional celebration in Cantabria. It takes place in Silió, a hilly village in the heart of this region on the first Sunday of January. It´s considered one of the oldest rural carnivals in the Iberian peninsula.



Discovering Cantabria


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