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Galandum Galundaina | Portugal



Galandum Galundaina is a group of traditional music from Miranda do Douro [in the north of Portugal]. It was created in 1996 with the aim to collect, investigate and publicize the music heritage, dances and language of the lands of Miranda (mirandês). The group makes the connection between the older generation of musicians and the younger generation, ensuring the continuity of the rich cultural tradition of this region, which for years ran the risk of being lost.

The instruments used, replicas of the ancient ones which maintain the original look and sound, are bagpipes [from Miranda do Douro], pastoral flute, accordion, war chest, shells of Santiago, castanets, tambourine, etc..
In instrumental music, the group has a repertoire of music with voices, faithfully reproducing the traditional melodies, enriched with sounds, rhythms and harmonies that can create excitement, and why not, some modernity.
The group members were born and raised in the Land of Miranda where they acquired direct knowledge of the music they play through their family, socializing with old pipers, and consultation of old recordings.
In addition to the family musical tradition, the group members also have academic training in music.

in Wikipedia http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galandum_Galundaina


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This music sounds familiar to Spaniards. Not that we can understand all the lyrics, but it´s certainly clearer to us than those of other regions of Portugal. After all, mirandes dialect has something in common with galician language or gallego.

Posted on 12/05/12 18:14.

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