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created by Frederico Dias and Fábio Silva, class 8C2




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Dances from the north of Portugal

 Hi partners!

Look how similar our dances are with some of yours. specially with Spain! 

This first dance is danced only by men. They wear skirts as you can see and they dance with sticks! They live in the right up side corner of Portugal, next to Spain, in a region called Trás-os-Montes.


The second dance is from Minho, a beautiful region in the left up corner, next to the ocean. 


The two last dances are from our region, Douro Litoral (under Minho).



Hope you've enjoyed! 

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These remarkable dances from Portugal somehow reminds me of others which are usually performed in neighbouring Spain. Beautifully donned dancers with diverse catching musical rythms makes their watching really enjoyable.

Thanks Manuela.

Posted on 06/02/12 19:09.

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