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Suomi - Finland -Our country

 Suomi - Finland - Our county
We made a Power Point Show about Finland - about our country, history,people, traditions, landscapes, monuments etc. We hope you enjoy a little tour to Finland


Best wishes from Sari and Class 5 B from Keskuskoulu, Raahe, Finland



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Hi Sari and Class 5B!

Good job! I didn't know it was so hot during Summer in Finland! And that Sibelius Monument seems spectacular!!!

Portuguese people are the opposite of Finns. We love to talk and to clap other people's back! We also like to hug each other! We are a very warm and friendly people, you know! emoticon

Posted on 09/04/12 17:23.

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Hi Sari and Finnish partners!
It´s been a pleasure to watch this pwp and discover so many things about Finland.
To most Spaniards, there are probably three aspects that strike us about your country :
weather ( especially in frozen winter ) - landscapes (spotlessly pure nature ) - and Finnish people´s social attitudes and values.
Thanks to all the people involved and keep on the good work !!

Posted on 09/04/12 18:57.

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