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Easter in Spain

 Semana Santa or Easter time is the period from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

It´s a very special celebration in many regions and towns throughout Spain.

Both locals and visitors mass along the streets to watch and feel  "los pasos" or Christ´s Passion scenes.

As it is a bit difficult to describe it with words, far better  you have a look at this video.



Video from Youtube- the whole poem
Video about the legend Sarka
Our unusual music lesson- B. Smetana

 Last week we had a very unusual music lesson. First we read a legend in Czech lesson, then we listened to The Smyphonic poem called SARKA and then the children drew pictures. They were very good indeed. My colleague Nada scaned the pictures and made a film from them.


Here is the legend:

Sarka – symphonic poem by Bedrich Smetana

When princess Libuse died, her husband Premysl began to rule the country. Young women didn´t have enough power. The leader Vlasta was angry. She asked other women to leave their families and to fight the men. The men laughted at them and didn´t také them seriously. Only Premysl was worried. The men  dragged on the castle Devin and belived that their women would listen to them and would go home.

But women fought and kilkled a lot of men. They saved themselves because they ran away. It was the beginning of Women war./ Dívčí válka /

A lot of men believed the women, went to Devin again and they were killed. Also Ctirad was

was overwhelmed by stealth.

One day Ctirad went together with his friends to Prague. On their way they suddenly heard a women´s cry and they found a young girl tied to a tree.

She told them her name was Sarka. The girls took her to Devin and imprisoned her. She had a horn on the neck.

They put a jug with honey wine to her feet. She said she was tortured, because she couldn´t play the horn and she couldn´t drink.

Ctirad was enchanted by her beauty and believed her.He freed her and they drank honey wine together. At night Sarka blew the horn.

Suddenly there were a lot of women who were hidden in the forest, they killed hid friends and captured Ctired.

They took Ctirad to Devin  castle  and executed him there.

The men got angry, they killed a lot of women and they took the rest to Prague. Men also killed the leader Vlasta. When women saw that their leader was dead, they  gave up and bagged for mercy.

But the men didn´t give them freedom, they killed all the women and they burned the castle Devin. It was the end of the Women War.

The music follows the plot and it shows changes in Sarka´s life. First she is pretty, proud and rough. Ctirad is soft and music shows his masculinity. There is a love episode, where Sarka is expressed by the clarinet and Ctirad is expressed by the cello.


it was translated by Nada Ka. 


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