Task 3 : On the doorsteps of the Rainbow Village

  On the doorsteps of the Rainbow Village


The adventure continues ... Remember ! You have climbed up a ladder and now you are high above the clouds.

Imagine !

In the far distance ... a long column of survivors ... and, at its end, a huge table with strange creatures half men, half sea animals ...

What are they doing ?

They are collecting information on the survivors on a big computized register, the Rainbow Village Golden Book. This data is used to form groups from the same origin.

So get ready to complete your identity card !



Your teacher has created 10 groups.


Activity 1 : complete the Rainbow Village Golden Book. a) write a text to talk about you, b) include the following information : first name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, brothers and sisters, country/hometown, physical description, hobbies/likes/dislikes, personality, c) your teacher will collect all your documents under .zip in a Rainbow Village Golden Book


Activity 2 : update your twinspace profile. Using the text that you have written for Task 1, complete your profile under twinspace. You can add your picture, if you want.


Activity 3 : a) your teacher has paired you with students from another country. He will give you a list of students you can work with, b) choose one potential friend among this list. Only one person each time. Tell your teacher his/her name, c) read his/her profile on twinspace, d) draw your new friend's portrait based on his/her twinspace profile. Sofware allowed.e) your drawing is included in the Rainbow Village Golden Group along with the text you have written in task 1.




Once you have registered in the Rainbow Village Golden Book, walk on with your partner(s) till you reach a door.


A new challenge awaits you ... At the entrance of the Village a fearful dragon welcomes you and tells you


Now you are going to meet your new friends from different origins to form new groups with French, Greeks, Poles,Turks Romanians, English, Italians and Germans.

But, first of all, have a look at the Rainbow Village Golden Book. Answer my question and find who is who ... you will then be allowed to enter the Rainbow Village.”


Activity 4 : a) using the information sheets of task 1, introduce yourself orally on a voki but do not give your name. End your presentation with "who am I", b) post your voki in the twinspace blog, c) choose one profile on the voki, d) guess who is talking.


 Once you have successfully met this challenge, you are ready to become citizens of the Village where English or French are the official languages. Don't worry ! Some language experts will soon be appointed.

One last thing ! You are starting a new life ! As such leave your former identity and take new one. Write an article in the Rainbow Village WikiGazette relating the "birth" of your avatar.


Activity 5 : a) students team up again in 10 groups, b) each group creates one new character with new identity, c) each group creates an avatar, d) each group saves his avatar and his profile in twinspace (the name of the file should include the name of their country and the number of the group e.g. Greece- group1.doc)


Italian survivor 18
Italian survivor 17
Italian survivor 16
Italian survivor 15
Italian survivor 14
Italian survivor 13
Italian survivor 12
Italian survivor 11
Italian survivor 10
Italian survivor 9
Italian survivor 8
Italian survivor 7
Italian survivor 6
Italian survivor 5
Italian survivor 4
Italian survivor 3
Italian survivor 2
Italian survivor 1
Turkish survivor 13
Turkish survivor 12
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