4.- How is Higher Education organised in your country?

How is Higher Education organised in your country?


Present information about higher education in your own country and learn how higher education is organised in the other countries during the exchange in Uden.


Getting started

STEP 1. Explore learning opportunities in your own country that will be interesting for

            foreign students as well (think about language!). Focus on:

- Higher vocational education (if relevant for your country)

- University

- International Universities and/or University Colleges

STEP 2. The following aspects should be included in your presentation

            - Qualification

            - Financial aspects

            - Different degreesandtitles

            - Application procedure

- Languages (and if  it is possible to do a quick language course) etc.

STEP 3. The European Union has made it easier for students to go and study abroad. What kind of exchange programs does the European Union have for foreign students?

STEP 4. Add websites that might be useful for your friends.



- Work in groups -->askyour teacher for the groupsize. Four students will present in Uden Conference. Make sure all students participate in the presentation.

- Prepare an oral presentation of 10 minutes. Afterwards: 5 minutes for questions.

- Show a Photostory/powerpoint/prezi/keynote,... as part of your presentation.


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