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My name is Ines, I am fourteen years old. My birthday is on the twentieth September.

I have brown and long hair and brown eyes as well. I am medium height and medium weight. I am sensitive, affectionate, faithful, friendly a nd quiet. I live near Elisa, my best friend. I go to the school with she at 8:15 a.m. My house is a bit far from school. I like dancing, singing, playing the guitar, etc. I go out with Elisa almost every weekend because we had a great time together. I sit in class with Alvaro, we have been together since 1st of ESO. We always get to do things together in class because we are the last on the list, although I don’t mind ,because we get along very well . I love going to the cinema with my friends, buying popcorn and a fizzy drink…and going to my aunt’s house because she has two cats and I love them. I have a bird like a pet. I live with my mother and my sister. My mother’s name is Carmen.She is blonde and she has short and straight hair, she has brown eyes. My sister’s name is Alba, she has brown and short hair and is bigger than me, but is shorter than me. I’m not taking part in the exchange. I hope to learn a lot of English, meeting many people and having a lot of fun with my friends and their exchange partners. :DDDD


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Use Voki to introduce yourself to your partners. This is a great tool! 

Go to: , create your voki account, sign up, create your avatar, write your presentation and choose the speaker to read your presentation. You will be a native speaker!!!!

To insert your Voki in an etwinning blog or wiki, choose Publish your Voki, then copy the embed code, go to the chosen etwinning tool, copy the code directly in the "fuente HTML" space, then save, go back to activites, and back to the tool. It should be there.

Ve a:, crea tu cuenta de Voki, regístrate, crea tu avatar, escribe tu presentación y elige personaje para leerla. Serás un hablante nativo!!!

Para insertar tu Voki en un blog o wiki de etwinning, elige Publicar tu Voki, después copia el código incrustado, ve a la herramienta elegida de etwinning, copia el código directamente en el espacio de "fuente HTML", a continuación guardar y vuelve da un paso atrás, como volver a actividades, después vuelve a la herramienta donde hayas insertado el avatar. Allí debe aparecer ahora. 



Para hacer una película divertida, ve a Go to “Make a movie”, Dvolver moviemaker, select a background, choose a sky, select a plot: rendez-vous, pick-up, chase, soliloquoy, select the characters, type in characters’ lines, select the background music, select movie title design,

Example of characters’ lines:

CHARACTER 1: Did you enjoy the visit to the Mosque-Cathedral today?

CHARACTER 2: Yes, I did. We had a great time looking for the treasures. It was very funny.

CHARACTER 1: Which of the hidden treasures were the most difficult to find?

CHARACTER 2: We spent quite a lot of time looking for the Visigoth capital. What about you?

CHARACTER 1: I think the medallion in the cathedral choir was the most difficult.

CHARACTER 2: Yes, that one was hard. Anyway we enjoyed the activity.


Sergio :D


My name is Sergio. I'm fourteen years old. I'm from Córdoba, Spain. I study at Blas Infante High School.

I'm nice, intelligent and responsible.

I'm quite tall. I have got brown eyes and short black hair. 

I like playing basketball and I like swimming. I love playing football. I love playing videogames and I love going out with my friends. I have got a lot of friends. 

I don't like homework.

My mother Antonia has got brown eyes and brown hair. She is a housewife and she cooks very well. My father Fernando is very tall. He has got brown eyes and black hair. He is a plumber. My brother David has got brown eyes and black hair. He goes to Primary School and he is ten years old.

My home is on the first floor. It has got one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room and three bedrooms.

I can't wait to the exchange!

José García Torres

Hi :)! My name is José. I'm fourteen years old. I live in Córdoba, Spain. I study at Blas Infante Hight School.

I am tall. I have got blue eyes and long fair curly hair. 

I am dynamic, nice and sometimes a bit shy.

My favourite sport is swimming. I swim every day except Sunday from two to thre hours. My hobbies are going out with my friends and play playstation 3. My favourite film is Harry Potter. I like action and horror films.

In my family, we are four. My sister's name is Ana. She is seventeen years old. She is tall. She has got green eyes and long brown curly hair. She is affectionate and intelligent. My father's name is José.  He is forty-nine years old. He is medium-height. He has got blue eyes and short black hair. He is nice and patient. He love cars. My mother's name is Ana. She is forty-eight years old. She is medium-height. She has got green eyes and long brown curly hair. She is nice. She loves cooking.

I live in a house. It has got a living room, a kitchen, a cellar, a garage, a toilet, two bathrooms and three bedrooms. 

I hope of this exchange to meet new friends, visit a lot of places and learn English.

About Me

Hi, my name is Sergio. I am fifteen years old. I'm from Córdoba, Spain. I currently live with my mother, her name is Rosario. I have got brown eyes an short black hair. My hobbies are listening to music, hanging out with my friends and playing football. I usually listen rap music and holiday music or party music. I love football and my favourite teams are Real Madrid and Cordoba CF. My favourite players are Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas. I haven't got any pets. I want to make the exchange with Leeds because I like to visit other countries, to meet foreign people, learn about their cultures and because I can practise English.

Hello my name is Miguel. I am 14 years old
I live in Cordoba. Spain. I study at Blas Infante high school. I am medium height. I have got dark brown eyes an short brown hair. My favourite bands are Queen, The Beatles and The Bee Gees. My favourite singer is Freddie Mercury. My favourite film is Harry Potter and my favorite TV programmes are ''How I met your mother'' and ''Modern family''. My favourite actors are Ralph Fiennes, Alan Richman and Neil Patric Harris. My fovourite colours are black and dark green. My favourite animal is the snake. I live with my mother. She is medium-height. She has got brown eyes and long black hair.I have got five aunts and four uncles.I have got three cousins. I live in a flat on the first floor. It has got a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and a bath room. In the exchange I'd like to see new things and make new fiends in Leeds
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