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Cartoonist manual

Cartoonist manual

Step 1:

*Go to








Step 2:

*You have to register.

If you don’t know how to register: go to registration wiki


Step 3:


*Login in

Step 4:


Then you have to go to Tools menu…


See the picture below




First you must choose a topic for your comic story.


This is what you see




Then you have to drag the desired background into the frame



Step 5

After that you can select characters, animals, props, or cartoonist effects and drag them into the frame in the same way.




To move the characters and props around, first you select the element you want to move and drag it to where you want it.  If you drag the square around your selection, you can change the size of the image.  If you hold down shift while you drag, you will be able to change the size of the image while keeping its original proportions




Step 6

Then you can change the mood of  the characters or make them say something using your imagination, your creativity and the proper tools shown below:                              







Step 7.


After finishing this slide you can add another and so on… 


Step 8.


Don’t forget to save and (if you want) to share or print your cartoon story.



Your story is now ready and you can see it by entering Homepage menu :





 Under the thumbnails of your productions, you will see the sharing button: 
 The button is displayed with a plus sign before you have shared your cartoon and with a minus sign after you have shared it.

 In order for your friends to be able to see your homepage with your productions, you have to give them the URL for your homepage, which you can find in a special field on “My Homepage”. 


Just click on it and start viewing your comic strips…


Start Playback

This button starts the comic strip in the player, from the displayed frame. Each frame is displayed for 4 seconds. If 4 seconds is too fast to read the strip, you can choose to view the strip frame by frame (see below).

Stop/Pause Playback

This button pauses/stops the comic strip.

Stop Playback/Return to Start

With this button, you can stop playback and jump back to the first frame in the strip.

Browse Forward and Backward

These buttons let you browse the strip frame by frame, forward and backward, respectively. You can use this option instead of playing back the strip, if you feel that playback goes too quickly.

Full Screen Mode

You can use this button to view the comic strip in full screen. The other navigation buttons will also be available in full screen mode.

Exit Full Screen Mode

This button is only available in full screen mode. Click this button to exit full screen mode.



Students (GR) : Vasilis Tyraidis 
                                                                                          Vasia Pagioula

                                      Grigoris Karkalis




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