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Cartoonist educational use

Cartoonist educational use



In Cartoonist, you will encounter thematic universes with backgrounds, characters/figures, and various objects that you can paste into the frames.  With this tool, you can also create title cards, speech balloons, thought balloons, or scream balloons. You can also combine all this with your own images.

Your cartoon will be organised into a strip with several frames, which can be presented both on the web and printed out on paper.
Also with this cartoonist, teachers can do the lesson more interesting, more comfortable for students and they can part of it.
So Cartoonist can also be useful for educational presentations and help the students to saw their projects to others.
 John Kotsonis (GR)
John Papadimitriou (GR)

This is a short story about Jesus birth!     Gregory (GR)
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