2.- Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other.

Goal: getting to know each other and learn about cultural similarities and differences.

Make a Photostory/powerpoint/prezi/keynote,... in a loop of max. 4 minutes where you present your topic. Look in the list for the topic! Every country has itsown topic(s).

Of course you are allowed to add music and text.


Getting started

Go to http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net.

Edit your profile, upload a photo and include some information about you: Country, town, school, age, likes and dislikes,... Take a look at other students’ profiles and get in contact with some of them.

Go to the second activity: ‘Getting to know each other’ and post your questions! Ask the other students on the project for information on your topic. You can use the “Mail box” to send messages to other students, the “chat” to have a conversation as well as the  “Pupils corner” to share the information. Get as much information as possible!



Bring your presentation to Uden on a memory stick and upload it to the site just before you leave for Uden!

– Keep it a secret for as long as possible, we want to show it on the day you arrive!


Topic(s) per country

-         Foodies- The Netherlands

-         Holidays - Turkey

-         Sports - Spain

-         ICT use–Eikeli, Norway

-         Customs and traditions–Eikeli, Norway

-         Going out in our towns - Spain

-         Classroom behaviour in the different schools –Nesodden, Norway

-         Music – Turkey

-         Student Jobs - Germany

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