Schüler/innen der 8. Jahrgangsstufe erstellten mit David Hippe in dem Kurzfilmprojekt 2012 zwei Filme mit den Titeln „Der Wettkampf“ und „Alltag“. Ein Englischkurs der Q11 (1E5 von Maria v. Hartmann)hat im JUli 2012 die englischen Untertitel dazu erstellt.

8-graders from David Hippe's film club at the AWG produced 2 films called "The Competition" and "Everyday life". Maria v. Hartmann's English class 1 E 5 wrote the English subtitles for them.


Der Wettkampf




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Every year the Model United Nations-Group of the Adolf-Weber-Gymnasium travels to an international youth conference where we debate important issues of world politics. Model United Nations means that you simulate the work of the real UNO. This year, in 2012, we went to Luebeck, which is a famous Hanseatic town in Northern Germany on the Baltic Sea. Our five students - Carolin Schaefer, Kateryna Lomakovych, Samanta Pashollari, Lukas Martin and Oliver Zett - travelled with Mrs. von Hartmann as their "MUN-Director"and with Dominik Dumler, a former student. As a delegation, we represented the Republic of Turkey, and in the various committees, commission and councils we discussed the "Issues on the Agenda" for which we had prepared position papers and resolutions. The whole thing started with an Opening Ceremony at which Carolin Schaefer who was our Ambassador gave a one-minute speech. Everybody had to appear in business dress (tie, shirt and suit for the boys, blouses and suits for the girls, no sneakers) and had to work hard during our week in Luebeck, but there were parties and other events every night and everybody got his or her share of fun. When the week was over, we had made great progress with our English and had met masses of friends from all over Europe and even from Nigeria and Morocco. Wasn't it quite a coincidence that our school from Munich was asked to represent the interests of the Republic of Turkey when at the same time we started the Comenius Project with a school from Istanbul? Four of these students will travel to Istanbul in October 2012: Carolin Schaefer, Kateryna Lomakovych, Samanta Pashollari and Oliver Zett to be present at the next Comenius meeting.

Maria von Hartmann, MUN-director of the Model United Nations-Group at the Adolf-Weber-Gymnasium



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