"Music is like a rope: it links people!"       TRUE!     


But what can we do with ropes?... 


Many, many things. 


Think "outside the box" and find out how ropes can be used.



Leave your works on this page! 



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Ropes in the Czech Republic

 We did a very nice activity. The children had to think about usage of ropes. They brought some examples to school, such as skipping rope, washing line, a string, threat, etc. We played games with ropes, and  they wrote about ropes in Czech they worked in groups- later they translated their examples into English. We did also small videos.

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It looks awesome! It was a great idea. Gongratulations for that idea

Posted on 21/10/11 22:38.

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Portugal | Rope Challenge

activity developed by Maths teacher Cristina Arteiro

Class 6D starring

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