"Music is like a rope: it links people!"       TRUE!     


But what can we do with ropes?... 


Many, many things. 


Think "outside the box" and find out how ropes can be used.



Leave your works on this page! 



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Plucking the strings

 Did you know in Portuguese the word "CORDAS" means both 'ROPES' and  'STRINGS'? 


How do you say 'STRINGS' in your country? and 'ROPES'? 


These are 'STRINGS'.



These are 'ROPES'.



More photos here.

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Spanish word "CUERDAS " can refer to 'ROPES' , 'STRINGS' and 'CHORDS' alike.

Thick ropes as those pictured below are called CABOS or MAROMAS.

Posted on 08/02/12 19:45.

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In Polish ROPE is LINA, SZNUR, and STRING is STRUNA (the one in a guitar, for example), SZNUREK (SZ is pronounced like the last sound in "fish", for example)

Posted on 08/02/12 23:23.

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Portugal | Rope Challenge

activity developed by Maths teacher Cristina Arteiro

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