"Music is like a rope: it links people!"       TRUE!     


But what can we do with ropes?... 


Many, many things. 


Think "outside the box" and find out how ropes can be used.



Leave your works on this page! 



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Monday evening rope frenzy

 On last Monday evening we met at our school gym to play with ropes and most important to have some fun.

We skipped in and out the rope, pulled it with all our strengths, jumped over it or made (bent) our best to walk under and everyone was laughing about all the way.

No one got injured !!

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I saw the pictures just now. It really seemed you had a lot of fun! emoticon

Posted on 16/11/11 00:58.

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Oh yes, your photos show you were really having a very good time!

Posted on 23/11/11 22:44 in reply to Manuela Correia.

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Portugal | Rope Challenge

activity developed by Maths teacher Cristina Arteiro

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