"Music is like a rope: it links people!"       TRUE!     


But what can we do with ropes?... 


Many, many things. 


Think "outside the box" and find out how ropes can be used.



Leave your works on this page! 



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Group work - Czech





Boys´ ideas about using a rope:

We can strangle somebody, we can tie somebody to the tree,

We can pull the rope to show our strength, magic tricks, walking on the tightrope.



Sewing, fishing, skipping  / skipping rope /, hang, mountaineering, bracelets, tie  books in old ages, hunting, decorations, leash for a dog, skipping games, finger games, helping somebody- to get the person from a hole, cooking,


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Portugal | Rope Challenge

activity developed by Maths teacher Cristina Arteiro

Class 6D starring

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