"Music is like a rope: it links people!"       TRUE!     


But what can we do with ropes?... 


Many, many things. 


Think "outside the box" and find out how ropes can be used.



Leave your works on this page! 



How we made our EUrings

 Look how we made our EUrings. Choose yours


Ropes in the "Caravelas"

 "Caravelas" are ships developed by Portuguese navigators to cross the oceans.


Made by Joel PInto, class 8A (History teacher Alzira Rocha)

Ropes in Portuguese Architecture


In Portugal during the 15th and 16th centuries King Manuel I ordered to construct monasteries, churches and other monuments with some nature elements (like roots, leaves, tree trunks...) and elements connected with the Portuguese Discoveries (like ropes, nets, coral...). This style is called "Estilo Manuelino".

We chose the following monuments because they have ropes carved in stone.


Diogo Dias and Hugo Santos, class 8A (History teacher Alzira Rocha)




Girls time! ;)


Now it's time for the girls to show up their skills! They're a bit shy but they managed to play a simple song about a lonely hatchet trying to find a partner in the middle of the street. It's called "Machadinha".

Check this link

My heroes!

 Hi everybody!

Today I'm very happy. My students (class 8A2) managed to play  two simple chords on the guitar after only THREE lessons! 


Watch them play a really fun Portuguese song (obviously you can't understand the words, but believe me it's really fun for us)! 


Plucking the strings

 Did you know in Portuguese the word "CORDAS" means both 'ROPES' and  'STRINGS'? 


How do you say 'STRINGS' in your country? and 'ROPES'? 


These are 'STRINGS'.



These are 'ROPES'.



More photos here.

What can I do with rope


I can do with ropes everything:


* take dog for a walk


* bind


* hang


* catch worms


* make art


* I can knot


* play with pets etc.

Knotting,sewing and singing in the rope

 A number of motives related to every school country have been tagged in spaces formed by two looping ropes.

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Rope pulling contest

Teachers and students at Høknes barneskole have planned a lot of activities playing with ropes. One of the activity is a rope pulling contest. Her you can see some movies from the contest:


Movie 1

Movie 2

Movie 3

Rope Challenge

 Hi! Take a look on our Rope Challenge below.

Hope you like it! 

Portuguese class 6D

Who wants a ringtone?


Today we uploaded our first ringtones made out of the rope sounds!  


See if you like them.

Portuguese class 8C

Monday evening rope frenzy

 On last Monday evening we met at our school gym to play with ropes and most important to have some fun.

We skipped in and out the rope, pulled it with all our strengths, jumped over it or made (bent) our best to walk under and everyone was laughing about all the way.

No one got injured !!

Group work - Czech





Boys´ ideas about using a rope:

We can strangle somebody, we can tie somebody to the tree,

We can pull the rope to show our strength, magic tricks, walking on the tightrope.



Sewing, fishing, skipping  / skipping rope /, hang, mountaineering, bracelets, tie  books in old ages, hunting, decorations, leash for a dog, skipping games, finger games, helping somebody- to get the person from a hole, cooking,


Rope videos


Have a look at this video

Ropes in the Czech Republic

 We did a very nice activity. The children had to think about usage of ropes. They brought some examples to school, such as skipping rope, washing line, a string, threat, etc. We played games with ropes, and  they wrote about ropes in Czech they worked in groups- later they translated their examples into English. We did also small videos.

Music is like a rope: it links people!

     "Music is like a rope: it links people!"       TRUE!     


But what can we do with ropes?... 


Many, many things. 

Think "outside the box" and find out how ropes can be used.



Good work! 


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