Who we are

 Here you can find a few things about the participants of the "rainbow village" project, the teacher coordinators and our schools.  It's a nice way to introduce ourselves and get to know each other better:)


Collège Jean Lacaze, France: Our Virtual Scrapbook
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Some facts about Tarn et Garonne ...

 Tarn et Garonne on a map of France

We live in Tarn et Garonne, in the south-west of France. It is part of Midi-Pyrénées, an administrative division.


It is the largest region in France. There are 22 regions altogether. Tarn et Garonne is globally rural. Its capital is Montauban.


A view of Grisolles, with its church


We live in different small villages around Grisolles, there is Verdun/Garonne, Pompignan, Canals. The Canal of Midi flows through this department. Grisolles is on the canal. It was built by Riquet in the XVII century, it links Bordeaux, on the Atlantic coast to Etang de Thau on the Mediterranean sea.

The project was initiated in 1662 when Riquet met Colbert, the prime minister of Louis XIV. They collected water in the Montagne Noire (the Black Mountain). Colbert favored this idea for political, economic and military reasons. The works lasted 14 years – from 1667 to 1681 – in three periods. Barges circulated on the canal until 1980. Now, we can travel on it for pleasure. In 1996, it was declared monument of the UNESCO.


Barges along the canal


Let us speak of Montauban which is 25 km from Grisolles. Do you know the equivalence in miles ?


A bridge over the river Tarn


Montauban is situated in the south west of France, It is the administrative centre of Tarn et Garonne. The National Place dates from the XVII century. It is surrounded by archways and it accomodates a local market every morning. People go there to have a drink and eat local products. They meet friends and family in the summer.Under the arcades, there are all sorts of shops. In winter, there is a small ice ring. The houses are made of red bricks like in Toulouse.


A picture of the National Place

A bridge over the Tarn


The Ingres Museum (XVII) contains many paintings by Ingres and the famous violin. Do you know the expression « c'est son violon d'Ingres » ?


In Montauban, you will find a lot of restaurants where you can taste regional products ( peaches, grapes, apples, pears, strawberries, melon and foie gras) as well as Montauban specialities (sweets, wine, cheese and cakes). Here is a picture of cassoulet. Have you tasted it ? It's delicious !!


Saint Ana School, Galati-Romania: "Our Virtual Scrapbook".
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Zespół Szkół w Dąbrowie, "Our Virtual Scrapbook!"
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Primary School of Grizano, "Our Virtual Scrapbook!"

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