What is the learning environment?


    What is the learning environment ?



This project is in compliance with the directives of the European Framework of Languages. It aims to give you the opportunity to re-use the knowledge acquired through authentic communication. You will communicate in English with fellow students of English from different European countries to complete a joint activity every five weeks.


However, I am aware that the working environment may be new to you :


  • you will work independently under guidance


  • you will prepare your work outside of the classroom and then show it to me so that I can give you advice and guidance.


  • you will work  collaboratively : with one or more French friends, and in some cases, with European pupils to complete an activity together.You will also need to contact each other outside of class time (except for students without Internet connection) to continue your project.


  • You will have a virtual TwinSpace with :
    * Messaging to communicate with project participants
    * Instant messaging to communicate online
    * Space for the submission of group work with several features including a blog (post messages and comments), forums (discussion followed), a wiki (collaborative writing), an archive file(filing), a image gallery (photo sharing).
    * A "Pupils Corner" to communicate freely with other students, not necessarily on the project.





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