Gökçe Karaoğlan İlköğretim Okulu, Samsun, Turchia

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Yuppiiiii Game Time


Hello Pupils!

We prepared a funny game for you. Please, can you play and write the answers below?

(Not: Pay attention the numbers and letters under the Photos.)


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Have a good Time!
Hi friends!
We played your game on the 20th December 2011. our task was :
"Look , guess the stories and match the letters to the numbers"
Our results are:
Little red riding hood:  A7
The bear and the two travallers: G4
Snow White: C6
Prince and Princess:B1
Little Penguin: D13
Angelina: N9
N. H:E12
Peppa's pigs:H10
Brave Farmer:J11
Munch Bunch:I12
Thanks very much, we had a lot of fun!!!
Italian Children



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Hi Esra!
We played your story game just before our Christmas holiday. Children had a lot of fun: they looked carefully at all the pictures, noticed the numbers an the letters and registered everyrthing on their copybooks. We'll post here the results soon!

Posted on 14/01/12 15:59.

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Thank you very much, dear Esra and children!
The game is interesting and useful! My pupils will like it! It's a great way to learn more about books, authors and characters!
Warm wishes from Bulgaria and Bulgarian Team! emoticon

Posted on 15/01/12 13:06.

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Thank you Gina and Reneta,

we are so happy to hear these words from you.

Best wishes,

Posted on 15/01/12 22:24.

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