Gökçe Karaoğlan İlköğretim Okulu, Samsun, Turchia

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Turkey is ( Reading In Eorupa)


Dear Friends,

Please Watch,



Best wishes From Turkey


" They are saying that:

-Hello Dear friends

-We are Turkish students from Turkey

-We are so happy to meet you

-we re meeting new students and new teachers

-Reading in Europa, Reading in Turkeyi reading everywhere

-This is so funny, HERE WE aRE HERE


     AND YOU?

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Well done! Thank you!
I dared to embed it!
Could you write the script of what children are saying!

Posted on 19/11/11 14:21.

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Thank you Dear Gina,

I added the sentences the students said.



Posted on 19/11/11 18:19 in reply to Gina Antonietta Mango - Carmelo Mario Martino.

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So my children can listen and read!

Posted on 20/11/11 12:05.

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