Gökçe Karaoğlan İlköğretim Okulu, Samsun, Turchia

Yuppiiiii Game Time


Hello Pupils!

We prepared a funny game for you. Please, can you play and write the answers below?

(Not: Pay attention the numbers and letters under the Photos.)


Favourite Story Books Slideshow: Grade’s trip to Samsun İli, Türkiye was created by TripAdvisor. See another Samsun İli slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.
Have a good Time!
Hi friends!
We played your game on the 20th December 2011. our task was :
"Look , guess the stories and match the letters to the numbers"
Our results are:
Little red riding hood:  A7
The bear and the two travallers: G4
Snow White: C6
Prince and Princess:B1
Little Penguin: D13
Angelina: N9
N. H:E12
Peppa's pigs:H10
Brave Farmer:J11
Munch Bunch:I12
Thanks very much, we had a lot of fun!!!
Italian Children


Drawing After Reading.

 Dear Friends,

 Drawing makes the reading activity so funny that students like reading more and more.





We read these books and then draw what we remember. Some of the students try to write about the story. 



Let' s Play A Game:)


Dear Friends ,


With My students ,I prepared a game for our another e twinning project. 

It is related to Eurapoen Countries, Where they are and what colour Their Flags are.

We wrote On the slide some short words or Countries names. You can make the students read them and have fun.


I hope you will like ıt. I only want to share with you.


I Want to Play a Game:) Slideshow: Esra’s trip to Turchia was created by TripAdvisor. See another Turchia slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.



Best Wishes from Turkish Team

Esra and The pupils


Turkey is ( Reading In Eorupa)


Dear Friends,

Please Watch,



Best wishes From Turkey


" They are saying that:

-Hello Dear friends

-We are Turkish students from Turkey

-We are so happy to meet you

-we re meeting new students and new teachers

-Reading in Europa, Reading in Turkeyi reading everywhere

-This is so funny, HERE WE aRE HERE


     AND YOU?

Reading is fun for Turkish Students.

Dear Friends and Students,

I try to prepare a funny and creative movie about my students and The partnersç

Please, can you watch it?

I hope you will enjoy it.


Kind regards,

Best wishes From TurKey




Hello friends ,

We are From Samsun, Northern part of Turkey on the Black Sea Coast.

We are so happy to be with you.

I believe that we will do our best.

Kind Regards 



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