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A year in my life
Darina's children made some projects about their life during the year. They read own stories together and learned more about themselves. Hope that you will like the job! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :) http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-06e7-889c-4bbe?lm PS: Here is a photosnack of children's project. Hope that you will like it!

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Thanks Darina for sharing your interesting work!

Posted on 13/11/12 22:14.

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Thank you, dear Gina!
Kisses, Darina, Reny & pupils emoticon

Posted on 14/11/12 11:55 in reply to Gina Antonietta Mango - Carmelo Mario Martino.

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With love and joy, Bulgarian Team Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)
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