36 SOU "Maksim Gorky", Sofia, Bulgaria

A Wonderful World
Children read famous books and made interesting drawings. What a wonderful world! Hope that you will like them, too! Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)
Letters, Words, Books!
From ABC to Books! Enjoy the paintings! Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)

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Books and Drawings
Dear friends and partners, Darina and I would like to share the drawings of our pupils. They read some books and made these paintings. The books are famous: "Puss in Boots", "The Ugly Duckling", "Beauty and the Beast", "Sleeping Beauty", "Robin Hood", etc. Hope that you will like them! Many hugs and kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Happy Halloween!
Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)
We like reading!
We like reading, too! We will try to put a little love from books in our hearts! Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)
With Love!
Happy Teachers Day! All the best to the teachers and their pupils! Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)
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With love and joy, Bulgarian Team Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)
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