36 SOU "Maksim Gorky", Sofia, Bulgaria

Each word is different!
Enjoy the map! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Answer Garden is great!

How many languages?... at AnswerGarden.ch.

How many languages?
Dear friends, here are another videos about European Day of Languages. Visit and enjoy them! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :) http://flixtime.com/video/detail/da5f44043d75cb9bc77dae0ebe684787G65mhBbgVHFnE2CZ8e/
How Many Languages? Slideshow: My’s trip to Sofia was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!
Etwinning Quality Label
Here is our eTwinning QL for "Reading in Europe". Thank you about great collaboration on the project, dear Gina and pupils! Many hugs and kisses, Bulgarian Team :) http://desktop.etwinning.net/library/desktop/pdf/qualitylabel/etw_qualitylabel_50669_en.pdf
Celebra con noi la giornata europea delle lingue!
Happy European Day of Languages! Честит Европейски ден на езиците! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
First School Photos 2012
Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
The video on Photosnack
"Best Friends" on Photosnack Enjoy it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :) http://snack.to/pz95wkc1
Best Friends
The video "Best Friends" is made on Windows Movie Maker. You can see children's drawings, paintings and posters in our study. Listen to the popular Portuguese song "Noivas de bilros". Special thanks to all of you! Enjoy it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Happy Halloween!
Here is an innovative method for learning English and teaching holidays. Children can read about popular celebrations and make mind maps. It's suitable for teachers and students. Happy Halloween with Spicynodes! Enjoy it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Balchik in our hearts
Here are Darina's videos of eTwinning Conference Balchik 2012. Enjoy it! Kisses, Darina & Reny :) http://flixtime.com/video/detail/4a87eb13c93e5c39d53e465bc4abf418mUBCIvhN954HnArXeE/ http://flixtime.com/video/detail/3f553f9b6d356e8952f31317e5205d49ob4WplVZXgaDLAOI5i/
Beautiful Gardens
We were there! Enjoy it! Kisses, Reny & Darina :)
Magnificent Palace Slideshow: Reny’s trip to Sofia, Bulgaria was created by TripAdvisor. See another Sofia slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.
The Palace
We saw beautiful gardens of "The Palace", on the beach of warm Black Sea. It's built by Romanian Queen Mary between 1926 - 1937. You can learn more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balchik_Palace Enjoy the video! Kisses, Reny & Darina :)
Greetings from Balchik /Bulgaria/
Here are videos of eTwinning Conference Balchik 2012. The motto was - "How to encourage young learners to read?" Hope that you will like them! Many hugs and kisses, Reny & Darina :)
Creative Pupils
Here is a poster of the best songs and chants of our pupils. Let's read, chant and sing with them! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Drawings from Italy
Here are fantastic drawings and paintings of our friends from Italy. Enjoy the poster! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Our Favourite Books
These is a wallwisher with children's favourite books. Hope that you will like it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
World Oceans Day
Our pupils read interesting facts about 8th June, World Oceans Day. They made drawings of sea creatures on asphalt. All of children worked with joy and pleasure. Hope that you will like their products! Let's save the oceans! Let's keep the planet clean and green! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Happy 24th May!
The Bulgarians were the first people who use the Cyrillic alphabet after its inception in the 9th century. Here is the anthem of Slavic Alphabet. On 24th May we celebrate the Day of Slavic Culture. Hope that you will like it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :) Bulgarian lyrics: ВЪРВИ НАРОДЕ ВЪЗРОДЕНИ Върви, народе възродени, към светла бъднина върви С книжовността, таз сила нова, съдбините си поднови! Върви към мощната просвета, в световните борби върви, От длъжност неизменно воден - и Бог ще те благослови!...
Your Alphabet
Next week we will celebrate the Day of Slavic Alphabet and Culture. Enjoy it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
London in our hearts
London is magnificent! Enjoy the children's drawings and paintings! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
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