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We liked your song!
Our children liked your Easter Bunny's Story and the song in the end. They decided to sing it. By the way, it's the song which you shared with us the last year. Thank you very much! Best wishes for a Happy Easter! Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)

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Great! My children will like this video!
This year the song is a little different, not in the melody that is the same,"Frias Martin", but in the lyric. It says:
Happy Easter! Happy Easter!
To you all! To you all!
Easter rabbit's coming, Easter rabbit's coming
bringing eggs, bringing eggs.
Many eggs, many eggs
to good boys, to good boys.
Where are the eggs? Where are the eggs?
On the grass! On the grass!

Happy Easter Reny, Darina and children!

Posted on 06/04/12 00:55.

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It's great, Gina! This is the way we learn more about Easter! Thanks for the lyrics! We will try to sing it!
Happy Easter to all of you!
Lots of kisses, Bulgarian Team emoticon

Posted on 07/04/12 23:40 in reply to Gina Antonietta Mango - Carmelo Mario Martino.

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