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A book about Befanas and Witches

 Receiving presents from a good old witch, called Befana, on  6th January is  a tradition for all the Italian children.

They read a lot about the differences between the Befana and the witches and created a Digital book about them:

 Click on the image and read the book!


 And now play with us and guess if they are Befanas or Witches!



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Dear Gina,
I looked the slideshow and ı liked BEFANAS; Because she is a good old woman emoticon
I liked this ıtalian tradition so much. I wanted to watch and play the game immediately; but now we are on holiday. Two weeks later, The school will start again and that time , we can play it.

Best wishes,

Posted on 29/01/12 23:22.

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Dear Gina and children,
It's a great idea to tell us about your popular character Befana! Your pupils are so talent - they draw and colour fantastic! Thank you very much for the wonderful materials!
Many hugs and kisses, Bulgarian Team emoticon

Posted on 30/01/12 13:06.

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