Scuola Primaria "A. Ciancia" - Italia

A Christmas Story

Children saw at the theater "A ballade for Mr. Scrooge" based on "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens and made drawings about it:



Gunpowder Plot

Children read about Guy Fawkes anf Gunpowder Plot and create their book about them/ I bambini hanno letto di Guy Fawkes e il "Gunpowder Plot" e hanno creato il loro libro su di essi.


Trick or Treat?

Our Happy Summer Days

A book about our happiest summer days/ Un libro sui i nostri piu felici giorni estivi:


Our Quality Label

Here are our Quality Label for this projects/ Ecco il nostro Certificato di Qualità per questo progetto:

Italian Pupils

All the books we read this year

Just on the last days of school children prepared these videos as a survey about what they read during the year.

Proprio negli ultimi giorni di scuola i bambini hanno preparato questi filmati come indagine su quanto hanno letto durante l'anno.


Goldilocks' story

Children listened to the story and then illustrated it with drawings,captions and voices


Mariangela and pupils

Happy Holidays!

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

Favourite books

Here are some letters children wrote to their English epals and in which they talk about their favourite books

Ecco alcune lettere che i bambini hanno scritto ai loro amici inglesi ed  in cui parlano dei loro libri preferiti:


Click on the image to read all the letters

Happy European Day from Italy!

Let's read and be European together!

We liked your song!
Our children liked your Easter Bunny's Story and the song in the end. They decided to sing it. By the way, it's the song which you shared with us the last year. Thank you very much! Best wishes for a Happy Easter! Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)
The Easter Bunny's Story

Children read "The Easter Bunny's Story" and made their own book about hat with drawings and voices /I bambini hanno letto "La storia del Leprotto di Pasqua e hanno realizzato un loro libro con disegni e voci.


A story about recycling

As all our school are working at a project about recycling, in our classroom children read a story about it and illustrated that with drawings, captions and comics:


Reading and learning together!

Our drawings next to your drawings: what a wonderful thing!

A letter from Bulgaria

We received a letter from our Bulgarian friends. It was full of  nice drawings about the stories they read.

 We were very happy.Thank you dear friends!

Abbiamo ricevuto una lettera dai nostri amici bulgari. Era piena di bei disegni sulle storie che hanno letto.

Siamo stati molto felici. Grazie cari amici!


Make a video of your own at Animoto.

A book about Befanas and Witches

 Receiving presents from a good old witch, called Befana, on  6th January is  a tradition for all the Italian children.

They read a lot about the differences between the Befana and the witches and created a Digital book about them:

 Click on the image and read the book!


 And now play with us and guess if they are Befanas or Witches!



A Christmas Story

Children listened, read , drew and sang  " Rudolph,  the red nose reindeer".

Look and have a Merry Christmas!



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