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 Type the song about your subject  in your own langage (brother John melody)

Click on Edit, write in your langage with the number of the country and after save your text


France – Recycling
Je promets , je promets,
De trier, de trier
Dans la bonne  poubelle, dans la bonne poubelle
Bleue, jaune, noire
Les déchets.



Turkey – Water use


Suyu korumak ,suyu korumak

Bizim görevimiz ,bizimgörevimiz

Biz su avcılarıyız ,biz su avcılarız

Suyu severiz suyu severiz.....



UK – Transport

Walk to school, walk to school,

When you can, when you can,

Stop look and listen, stop look and listen,

Keeping safe, on your way.

Portugal – gardening

 Eu prometo, eu prometo
Ter cuidado, ter cuidado
Com flores e vegetais  
Plantas e legumes 
 Nas hortas e jardins, nas hortas e jardins


Romania – Reuse

Noi hârtia, noi hârtia,

Nu o risipim, o refolosim

Să salvăm pădurea, să salvăm copacii

Asta ne dorim, asta ne dorim! 


Poland – Reintroducing nature (from grey to green)


Dziś przyrzekam, dziś przyrzekam

dobrym byc, dobrym byc

razem z roślinami

i ze zwierzętami

w zgodzie życ, w zgodzie życ




Italy – Respect and celebrate others


Io prometto io prometto

rispettarti, rispettarti;

giocheremo insieme

leggeremo insieme

io e te, io e te.

Io prometto io prometto

rispettarti, rispettarti;

libri e giochi insieme

libri e giochi insieme

io e te, io e te.




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 And the winner is / et le gagnant est :

1E 2A 3A 4C 5C 6C 7D

    • France – Recycling

    • Turkey – Water use

    • UK – Transport

    • Portugal – gardening

    • Romania – Reuse

    • Poland – Reintroducing nature (from grey to green)

    • Italy – Respect and celebrate others





1.France :

A. I promise to separate the rubish

B. I promise to pick up the rubish thrown on the floor and to put it into a garbage

C. I promise to put the rubish into garbage with the right color

D. I promise to put the paper in the blue garbage, the plastic in the yellow garbage, the vegetables rubish in the composter and all other rubish in the black garbage.

E. I promise to separate the rubish at school and at home.


2. Turkey
A. I promise to save our water.
B. I promise to close water cock while I was brushing my teeth and washing my hands.
C. I promise to spend less time while I was having shower
D. I promise to put a stop even a drop .
E.  I promise to reduce over using of water .



3. United Kingdom: (Transport)


A-   I will walk safely to school at least 3 times in 1 week.

B-  I will count the number of roads that I travel along to school and write down their names.

C-  I will keep a diary of how I travel to school and increase the number of days I walk each week.

D-  I will stop, look and listen for vehicles before I cross the road on the way to school.

E-  I will mark the route I walk to school on a map.



4 Portugal :


A. I am ecological citizen

I promise to be super-biological

When building my organic garden

For carrots and cabbage with natural

How well will taste my soup!

B. For a sustainable environment

And a healthy life

I will make an oath

In our organic garden

Vegetables we will sow

For the later we can eat.

C. I promise to take good care of plants, flowers and vegetable garden

D. We promise, as world citizens, our garden to conserve and protect the planet that is our home!

E. We promise to reduce waste
Making with the shells composting

This will serve to grow the plants from our garden!



Our promises:
A. I promise I will use all the broken objects!
B. I promise I will use all the bottle after I drink the water!
C. I promise I will reuse the paper because I want to save the forest!
D. I promise I will make toys from the clothes I don’t use anymore!
E. I promise I won’t waste anything! Someone could find a use for it!



A - I promise to care about the environment and live in such a way that plants and animals could exist safe and healthy like me.

B - I promise to care about plants and animals that need my help or ask adults to help them

C - I promise to learn about things that make plants and animals grow healthy and feel good

D - I promise to care about places where plant and animals want to and like to live

E - I will care about everything that lives around me so that when I grow up I will be able to show my children and grandchildren all the animals and plant I like




A-  I promise to say hello and goodbye when I meet you
B- I promise to thank you everytime you give me something
C- I promise to listen to you quietly
D - I promise to share my toys and books with you
E - I promise to try to put myself in your shoes




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