Breaking ice - se faire connaître

Information about Spain / Informations sur l'Espagne

In the activity "Breaking ice - se faire connaître", "File - Archive, Alaquàs Spain" you can find our presentations about Valencia, The Community of Valencia and Spain in French and in English.

Dans l'activité « Breaking ice - se faire connaître », « File – Archive, Alaquàs Spain » vous pouvez trouver nos présentations sur Valence, La Communauté Valencienne et Espagne en Français et en Anglais.


Merry Christmas / Joyeux Noël / Feliz Navidad / Bon Nadal


Lifting Bridge Project

Hello we are a group of twelve students from thirteen to fourteen years old. We attend the subject Technology Workshop in second year of secondary school. We have finished our first project this term:

    • The name of the project.

The name of the project is Lifting Bridge with motor and remote control.

  • Short description of the parts.

Lifting Bridge has a tower, it has a bridge deck, it has a hinge, it has two braces, it has two pulleys and one axle and it has a handle. We have installed an electric motor with forward and reverse remote control.

  • What materials are used?

The tower is made of wood, rods of wood. The bridge deck is made of wood, medium density fibreboard (DM). Pulleys are made of plastic. The hinge is made of cardboard. Braces are made of rope. Handle is made of wood. We have chosen rods of wood, DM, plastic, cardboard and rope because are cheap and easy to obtain.

Hello another day working

We're preparing a power point of Valencia, Spain, Alaquàs...

We're going to show you pictures of these places and show you our daily life.

Today, we're working in the computer classroom, however, the internet has not been working lately due to the fact we have many problems.

We're a group of 3r eso with 19 students and 2 teachers: Omar and David.

In this class, we use tools and in general we study electricity circuits and technology.

The theory of technology is exciting and the practicals are extremely fun.






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