People link through music


    People link through music        


On this page, we will investigate how people link through music.

For instance, people join together because they like the same musical genre. People can also develop activities where they really connect through music, like singing, dancing or playing together.






       People link through music       


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Finnish version of Yellow Submarine

Polish students are singing two holiday songs

Polish students tried to dance pasodoble:-)

Especially for our Spanish friends!

Czech version of the Euro hymn
EUro Hymn kick off

Poland and Portugal started the EUro Hymn 'chain'. Click HERE to watch the movies.







Spain follows suit






Gift to Poland from Portugal

When learned this dance from our Polish partners.




And this was our rehearsal. It was so fun! Take a look. ;)


Remembering the Titanic

 Portuguese class 6D decided to remember the first (and last!) voyage of the Titanic... 100 years ao!

Listen to them playing on the recorder the theme of the movie.




Check the beatbox we made on Incredibox


Daniel's composition

Igor's composition


Thanks teacher Paulino from Spain for this wonderful tool. 

PT Daniel and Igor, class 7D2



Somebody that I use to know



Ceresnicky, ceresnicky, ceresne for Portugal

Hana, the music teacher, is in our project too.

Czech group is dancing Mazurka

 we are dancing in three different ways.

Portuguese students singing "Frère Jacques" in Norwegian and Finnish


We sang "Frère Jacques" in Finnish and in Norwegian!

We find Norwegian easier than Finnish. 


Class 7D sings in Finnish


Class 7C sings in Norwegian

Czech dance- but by professionals
Czech group tried to dance Portuguese Inde eu
Traditional Dances and Songs


We are preparing some traditional songs and dances (very simple) of our countries.

These are the first two dances.


 "Indo eu" _ Portugal


"Ceresnicky" - Czech Republic ( in our paper it says this dance is from the former Czechoslovakia, so we don't know which country it belongs to now)

Music film

 Graduating students also prepare a film from the life 

of the class.


Here is one of them- based on famous TV series Baywatch.



January- the time of balls

 There is an old custom in our school that the oldest students organize a big ball for their parents and teachers and other students. The evening is full of dancing, singing and of course music.

This is our first Dancing ball in 2012.




Norwegian students singing Fader Jakob

Hi partners.

The students in class 6D at Høknes barneskole are having a EUrope project week this week. They are doing a lot of activities and we want to share some of the things they do during the week. We hope you will like it. First we want to show you two videos of the students singing Brother John in both Norwegian and using the Sami language. The sami language is spoken by the Sami people who is still living in Norway. You can read more about the Sami people in one of the presentations made later this week.



Class 6D singing Brother John in Norwegian

You can see the movie here.



Class 6D singing Brother John in the Sami language

You can see the movie here.



Here you can see all the 6th graders singing Brother John in both Norwegian and the Sami language.

Spanish pupils singing in Portuguese !

 Hello friends!

As people say, one good turn deserves another, so here comes our Portuguese version.

Please, don´t be too strict with our pronunciation. 

Leave us a comment.



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