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 Music is like a rope: it links people!



On this page, we will investigate how, why, when and where music links people. 

For instance, people join to learn music at music schools. They play together in orchestras. They go to concerts at concert rooms or festivals and so on... 

We are expected to show here our town/country's music schools, concert rooms, orchestras, choirs and music festivals.


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The Vltava- Bedřich Smetana

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Hi Anezka!

I've been in Prague, you know? I went there with my family on a Summer holiday back in 2006.

Check some photos I uploaded for you in our Image Gallery. ;)

Posted on 07/04/12 18:14.

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Happy Music Day!... with this wonderful Polish Quartet called MozART GROUP.

They performed here in Portugal (in our town Espinho) last July. Hilarious! :)