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     Music links people...     

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 Music is like a rope: it links people!



On this page, we will investigate how, why, when and where music links people. 

For instance, people join to learn music at music schools. They play together in orchestras. They go to concerts at concert rooms or festivals and so on... 

We are expected to show here our town/country's music schools, concert rooms, orchestras, choirs and music festivals.


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Challenge | Portuguese results

These are the Portuguese results for the "Does your country 'fit' in a piece of music?" challenge.



 75 Portuguese students answered this challenge. As you can see the best known music is from Spain. But, surprise, surprise, Portuguese students could NOT recognize the music from their OWN country! 

I knew this was an extremely difficult challenge, but I was sure my students would know the music from Spain and from Portugal. It seems I was wrong... at least about Portugal. 


A special Thank You to all my wonderful partners and students that willingly made this challenge. The conclusions I picked up from these results will be very helpful for my future projects. Thanks again.




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Happy Music Day!... with this wonderful Polish Quartet called MozART GROUP.

They performed here in Portugal (in our town Espinho) last July. Hilarious! :)