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 Music is like a rope: it links people!



On this page, we will investigate how, why, when and where music links people. 

For instance, people join to learn music at music schools. They play together in orchestras. They go to concerts at concert rooms or festivals and so on... 

We are expected to show here our town/country's music schools, concert rooms, orchestras, choirs and music festivals.


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Does your country fit into a piece of music?




Aim : This activity was designed to improve both pupils´ classic music listening skills and to build their awareness of partner schools national culture.

Procedure : We started it with a short explanation about what everyone in the target group of 10 pupils of  1st secondary class was expected to do. Namely, to get full recognition of the country and composer´name of the pieces.

Then, all of them were played at ramdom - first as a whole and later in fragments. As soon as a piece was finished, pupils would have to note down their choice. Later a volunteer pointed to a map of Europe the country which the listened music belong to and/or write it down on the whiteboard. 

Results : All the pupils who sit the exam but two succeeded in recognizing both composer´s name and the country he was from. Only two failed with the Portuguese part. Most of them found it hard to make out Norway and Czech music.

Comment & Bottomline : On the whole, the good performance can be put down to pupils´motivation. To make feel themselves as responsible participants in this project has also played an important role in the final outcome.

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Hi Paulino!
You made it harder to your students. They were not supposed to write the composers name... just the country.

I also finished this task with my students. I'm going to analyse the results and present them soon. But I can tell you right now that the easiest music to recognise was from... are you guessing?... Spain!

Posted on 15/05/12 12:39.

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The Spanish melody´s turned out to be the odd one out of the bunch.

We hope Spanish music will become even more popular among our partners from now on.

Thanks for comment.

Posted on 10/05/12 20:36 in reply to Manuela Correia.

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Happy Music Day!... with this wonderful Polish Quartet called MozART GROUP.

They performed here in Portugal (in our town Espinho) last July. Hilarious! :)