Where do we study?

Music lessons in Portugal

 Take a look on some of the activities we made for our project during our music lessons. 


SP Meet us & our school - Colegio Puente, Astillero, SPAIN

Hi everyone out there!

At long last you can have a glance at our school.  A group of etwinners liked to show it to you, this morning.


Meet School B/S Domingos Capela


You can finally meet our school. Class 7C2 made this movie for you.


Music lesson in the Czech Republic
About our school

 Our school:

            Where is the school?

2         How old are the students in your school?

.           What subjects do you study?

4         What is your favourite subject?

           Where do you go when you have PE lessons?

6        What do you do in PE lessons?

7          How many students and how many teachers are        there?         

8          What time do you start school?

9         When do you finish school?

                               What languages can students study at our school?  

      When do you have holidays ? 


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Let's compare our timetables. We can upload them in each country's folder and then we can compare them and see which one you like the most:-)
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 Hi partners!

Do you know Bambuser? We are learning it and we made our first live broadcast ever from the school cafeteria. Unfortunately the sound is not ok! 

We will try to make better broadcasts in the future.  That's a promise! 

Class 7C2




The rehearsal in the classroom