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We are late and it is missing some presentations still, but I have already upload the finished presentation.


My pupils have enjoyed a lot with the blog of Anna Vasa and today we have received the Christmas cards of Portugal, France and Poland, lots of thanks for all, you have done a really good and nice job with the pupils and thy have done a very nice post cards. My pupils are entosiathics with all of them. They are atill finishing their cards, so in this week we will send the ours, so probably you won't receive them until next week, we are really sorry.


Some of my pupils have done logos but have linux in their computers so now I can not open them with windows, as soon we  repair that , we will send you.


I would like to be invitated again to the blog of Anna Vasa, my invitation was caducated and my pupils would like to join with yours.


Thank you again and Merry Christmas!


Best regards,



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