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Logo's contest : French pupils received their diplomas and prizes
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    I uploaded a document with the results of our logos'contest.

Ana and Gosia, please check it before to announce results to our pupils.

Many thanks.



About logo's contest results

Hello Gosia,Ana,Lidia and Ida,

I prepared a document with all my pupils'names, and their votes for Polish and Portuguese logos (waiting for Spanish and Czech ones). I will update it each week, until all pupils have voted.

Could you please prepare a similar document with your pupils'list?



The Polish Logos
The French Logos
All french logos are on line

Hello everybody !

I uploaded all french pupils'logos, with a Powerpoint file to show all of them.

I created a forum (I put it below) to allow pupils to vote for their 5 favourite ones.




About logos


Today I uploaded some logos more.

There is only one pupil's work missing. I hope to have it on monday.

If not, I will finish the Powerpoint presentation with all their works, and upload it on the twinspace next week.

Your pupils will have the possibility to vote for their favourite one.

I think it will be a good idea to create one forum per country inside the activity "our pupils" in order to group all votes. Pupils will give 1,2,3,4 or 5 points to logos.

logo n° 1 : 5 points

logo n° 2 : 4 points

logo n° 3 : 3 points

logo n° 4 : 2 points

logo n° 5 : 1 point

Do you agree?

Have a nice week-end !




Presentations and logos

Hello friends!

Today I've uploaded all presentations of my pupils.

I also uploaded some logos, I'm waiting for the other ones (I'll get them next week).



How many pupils do you work with?

Hello everybody!

Please let me know the number of pupils you are working with for this project.

I have uploaded a document you can download, complete, and then upload again on the twinspace in the same file.




Hello everybody,

we upload some presentations of students but we´re still working on it. We hope to do them better.We send you greetings from Czech republic.

First introductions from Anna Vasa School

Activity 1 : Description

Activity 1 : from September 2011 to the Autumn holidays (05/09/11 - 21/10/11)

1) Creation of a Powerpoint presentation

From the photo of the whole class we’ll create areas to associate each pupil to his photo (beware : size 640x480) and a text to introduce himself in English typed by each pupil. Each student must do this himself.

2) Study the vocabulary linked to the symmetry in English (axial and central)

3) Logo's contest

In September, we ask volonteers among our pupils. We ask them to do a handmade logo (not using the computer). Then we scan and upload their works on the twinspace. We ask our pupils to vote for their favourite logo in each partner country (Polish pupils vote for a French, a Czech and a Spanish logo; and so on ...).

We publish the winner of each country on the twinspace , inside the gallery (with a little gift for all).

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