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Activity 1 : Description

Activity 1 : from September 2011 to the Autumn holidays (05/09/11 - 21/10/11)

1) Creation of a Powerpoint presentation

From the photo of the whole class we’ll create areas to associate each pupil to his photo (beware : size 640x480) and a text to introduce himself in English typed by each pupil. Each student must do this himself.

2) Study the vocabulary linked to the symmetry in English (axial and central)

3) Logo's contest

In September, we ask volonteers among our pupils. We ask them to do a handmade logo (not using the computer). Then we scan and upload their works on the twinspace. We ask our pupils to vote for their favourite logo in each partner country (Polish pupils vote for a French, a Czech and a Spanish logo; and so on ...).

We publish the winner of each country on the twinspace , inside the gallery (with a little gift for all).


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