Junior Peace Art Exhibition



  In Iwakuni City, an children's art exhibition for peace is held every year.  


This year, the 10th exhibition is going to be held from 26th to 30th August at an exhibition room in the biggest music hall in our city.  The main theme for this exhibition has been peace and a subtheme was chosen every year.   Because we experienced a nationwide disaster of earthquake and the tsunami this year, we chose "prayer" as the subtheme.  It is a prayer for the victims and the sufferers of the disaster and for realization of peace around the world.


After the exhibition, we are going to send the art works to schools in the area damaged by the earthquake and the tsunami. 


If you still keep the students art works with messages, would you please send them to my school to exhibit them in the exhibition for peace in Iwakuni City and in schools in the damaged area in Tohoku District in Japan?  I am sorry we cannot pay back the postage or return the pictures, but if enough budget is left after the exhibition, we might be able to send a pamphlet or some postcards of beautiful sights in Iwakuni City to your school.


When my students exchanged messages with students in foreign countries, we often used emails because they are convenient and quick.  But it is sometimes nice to write and receive cards with handwritten letters.  I believe your students' pictures with encouraging messages will cheer up children in the area damages by the earthquake.  Many schools lost a lot of facilities and tools in the school buildings.  It must be difficult to buy many computers for the computer rooms in many damaged schools in a year or so.  Probably many students cannot see the Internet at school or at home for a long time.  Sending the pictures with messages by postal mails might be a good way to encourage children if they enjoy decorating their new classroom with the colorful pictures.


If you think this might be another good chance for children to exchange their heart-warming messages, would you send the pictures with messages to the address below by July 20th?  


Thank you very much for your cooperation.





  Ms. Akamatsu Atsuko
  Iwakuni Sogo High School
  4-41-1, Fuju-machi, Iwakuni-shi,
  Yamaguchi, 740-0036
 email:  peacemessagestakamori@yahoo.co.jp 
    In the photos of the exhibition, many pictures look very large, but it is OK to send small pictures like A4 size or smaller.  If your students draw large pictures, it would cost a lot to send them to Japan.  So please don't mind the size of the pictures.
                                                                                        Best regards,
                                                                                             Akamatsu Atsuko


                                                                                                                        Member of the commitee of the exhibition.