My name is Shohaib and I am 10 years old.
Children of Japan, I know how you feel when losing a loved one.  The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosion cannot break your strong spirits.  Hopefully you will find your family and friends soon and start rebuilding you lives.
Japan is a very powerful country
So don't cry or weep
For we will be with you
We are your friends to keep.
You will be safe
Do not worry
We will be there
For we feel sorry.
Kaiya,  aged 10 from Bury, England.
To the patient people of Japan,
 I wish to send you hope and happiness along with this letter.  I also want you to move on in life and overcome these disasters.
 My heart goes out to you.  You may have lost a loved one but you have to smile and move on even though it may be difficult.  Do not ever think that you are lonely because you are in my heart and in my mind!
 Alina, aged 10 from Bury, England.
My dear friends in Japan,
If you are lonely you can write to me because I will be there for you.  If you find yourselves without any friends or no one to love, I will always love you.  If you are scared, remember I will be there for you. 
You are brave, strong and have courage.  I believe in you.  I know you are going through a hard time because I have seen it on the television, but just remember, deep down in your heart - I am there.  I am there for you when you need me most.
 Rebecca, aged 10.
Hello, my name is Antonio. 
I know about events in Japan through watching the television.  I think you must still be scared, however, you must remain determined, strong and courageous.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.