STEP 1:Go to

You'll get this page:

Click on login.(highlighted in black)


STEP 2:Now login using the info you used in the registration process.

When you're done,click on Log in.

This page will appear:

Click on click here to create a quiz..

STEP 3:Now we are going to create a quiz..

Fill in the title,description and the Tags.

Tags are words you can fill in so people can find your quiz easier.

Also upload a thumbnail picture.

A thumbnail picture is a little picture what people will see with your quiz.

Now we need the embed code of the video.(to put the video next to the quiz)

To get this code,go to and search for your video.

Then click on share and embed(see picture below).

Copy the text and paste it in the embed code box.

Now select the level,the language and the quiz type.

If you did all  steps above it should look like this:





STEP 4:Now click on next.

This page will come up:

Click on click here.

STEP 5:Go a little bit down and click on edit questions.

Then click on add a question.

Now you can fill in a question with 3 options.

Then fill in which option is correct.


Click on send.

You can add as many questions as you want.

When you've added all your questions,click on click here to view your quiz.

Finally you are done.

It should look like this:

Now you  successfully made your own Quiz!

You can share your quiz with your friends.

Thank you for your time and patience.

(Peeters Gregory,BE)


Tip: It is easier if you prepare the questions before in a text editor like MS Word

and then using copy -paste function make your quiz faster.

(Panagiota Golopoulou, GR)


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