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Kevin Adeva Rubio 6ºA 23/05/2012 COMENIUS’ TRIP TO ITALY On Wednesday 28th March 2012, Estela, Miriam, Diego Prieto, Lourdes, Mª Luisa and me, went to Marina Di Carrara, Toscana, Italy. The journey took 12 hours. We took 1 train, 2 subways, 2 planes and 1 car. These are photos which I took during the trip: I travelled into Marina Di Carrara by car (Gianluca’s parents picked me up from Pisa’s airport). When I arrived we ate rice and chips, prepared our clothes for the next day and then we went to bed at about 9 pm. On Thursday 29th March 2012, I got up and washed, got dressed, had hot chocolate and biscuits for breakfast (Gianluca had coffee and biscuits) and then went to the school. We did some workshops, had breaktime, continued with the workshops, ate in the canteen, had a little break, did a class and then went home. Later, the Comenius project children and their partners and teachers went to the Museum of Fine Art to see the Mayor of Carrara and a band of musicians played the national anthems of all the countries involved in the Comenius Project. Later, the Comenius Project children from Spain with their partners went to a square and had an ice-cream. On Friday 30th March 2012, I did all the same things as on Thursday 29th March in the morning.

All my Spanish friends, except Diego Prieto, went to the beach in Marina Di Carrara. In the evening, Gianluca’s family and me went to a restaurant. Later, I went to bed. On Saturday 31st March 2012, all the teachers and friends of the Comenius Project went to the Marble Factory, to see scultures like these: THE MARBLE OF CARRARA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD. Gianluca, his mother, Roberta, his sister, Lucrezia and me went to his family’s clothes shop and afterwords we went to the shops, to buy gifts for my family. I bought some postcards of Marina Di Carrara, a snow-scene, a miniature leaning tower of Pisa and an ashtray for my granddad. Later, we went home and ate lunch. All the teachers and friends of the Comenius Project went to visit Pisa. We ate ice-cream, bought gifts and then we returned home, all the family of Gianluca threw a party for me. They give me presents, pictures and a big party for me with karaoke, food, card games, drinks and all his family came. Later, I went to bed, because I was very tired. On Sunday 1st April 2012, I returned to Spain with my 3 Spanish friends and my 2 Spanish teachers. This trip was very funny and I learnt a lot of information about Italy.

ITALY By Mirian Arroyo 6B Before taking the train I was very nervous because I was going out of Spain and I wanted to meet Camilla. The trip was fun because we were talking, taking pictures and listening to music. When we arrived we went with our families to unpack and go to bed...

The next morning, we watched the presentations of the experiments prepared for the Comenius project children. THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL! At school we did different workshops such as a shell mobile, a drawing of the sea, some science experiments... That day we ate pizza in the dining room at school.

The next day we visited the mayor who gave a speech welcoming the Comenius children. We also made presentations and we think ours was one of the best that were made. All the countries made a presentation. The dinner was held at the school and it was prepared by the parents. Later we watched on a screen some stars. Besides we played hide and seek with friends in Italy.

Also in those days we went to visit a workshop where they made the marble sculptures. AND WE SAW THE REPLICA OF THE MICHEL ANGELLO! Then we went to the city of Pisa and saw the cathedral, the baptistery, the cemetery and of course the tower of Pisa. We bought many souvenirs and ice cream. The return trip was also similar, laughter photos...


BY: Estela Garcia 6ºA

Wednesday 28th March 2012

At 6 o'clock in the morning I was in the train station with Kevin, Mirian, Diego, Lourdes and Mª Luisa. We took a fast train to Madrid, Chamartin.

Then we got the metro from the train station in Madrid to Barajas airport . When we were on the airplane I was very nervous, but I liked it very much. Then we took another airplane from Roma to Pisa.

In Pisa airport I met my family and I went to her house. For dinner I ate lasagna and I really liked it.

Thursday 29th March 2012

At 7 o'clock I woke up and I went to school. The Italian children did a beautiful dance and sang. We did some activities like Art and scientific experiments with Miriam, Diego, Lourdes and Mª Luisa. At 14:00 the mother of Elisa took me and Elisa to her house for lunch.

Later the Mayor of Marina di Carrara hired a band for them to play the national anthems of all countries of the Comenius schools. Later on we went to the Museum of Fine Art because the Mayor was talking about the Comenius Project. At night we had dinner at school and I played Hide & Seek with Miriam, Kevin, Diego and some of the Italian children.

Friday 30th March 2012

We went to school and I did some poems in Italian and Spanish. I ate a kind of soup and meat with salad and apple at school at 14:00 and with one from the teachers of the school we went to the beach and we played with a ball.

At 4 o'clock we went home. Then I went again to the beach with Mirian and Kevin. Before dinner I saw the television and I read a little bit.

Saturday 31st March 2012

In the morning we went to the Marble Museum of Carrara everything was very beautiful and I went to the mountains to see the marble, it was amazing. At 2 o'clock we went to Pisa where I bought a jar and a ashtray but it all got broken. In Pisa I had great time: I ate ice cream and I saw The Leaning Tower. For dinner I ate pizza with some of Elisa's cousins.

Sunday 1st April 2012

At 11:20 Miriam,Diego,Kevin,Lourdes,Mª Luisa and me were in Pisa airport. We took an airplane from Pisa to Rome and in Rome we took another airplane from Rome to Barajas. In Barajas we took the metro and then we caught the train back to Valladolid. The journey was nice, but it was an exhausting trip. I saw my aunt in Barajas airport. I want to go to Italy again!

Marble the Carrara Sculpture of the Museum di Bellas Artis

Elisa,my friend, Caterina,her sister and me in the museum

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