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 As Ms. Akamatsu Atsuko mentioned it earlier, " I would like to introduce your messages to people suffering from this terrible situation caused by the earthquake, the tsunami, and the exploding nuclear power plants in Japan.  I am going to introduce this website to many teachers of English in Japan through a mailing list for an organization called "New English Teachers' Association.
  We thanks to the management of by the name of Katsuyuki Nara, Director of international affairs division of Shin-eiken, for giving us the opportunity of sharing our supportive feelings with people in disaster in Japan, to share their difficult times. Also we are very glad to see this name as a member of our pages. And our glad is more with the other friends' name as well.   The picture below represents the links page by Shin-eiken, including our project link.

The links below are also for supporting the Japanese people. 

We represent them, to share the world messages with our intention, as well  :


Hope Letters 世界から日本へ届け!-- ホープ・レターズ



 Message for Japan; Japan for Sustainability