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Dear my friends,

Since March 11, Japan has been attacked by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear radiation and especially the people in Tohoku have had terrible experience. I feel very sorry for them and hope everything will be recovered very soon. In Kenya we had a severel draught until a week ago and it was difficult to get clean water every day but a rainy season came finally and now we don't have to worry about water now. It passed 7 months since we moved here and our project is proceeding pole pole (slowly in Swahili).

The first Japanese students finished learning and one of them is going to take an exam for Japanese university in June. We helped him with part of the fee. My husband is working hard to change soil by organic farming. We have had a workshop to teach how to make organic fertilizer 5 times. Nearby farmers
are interested in this method little by little and they have a motivation to earn money by farming.
We are going back to Japan on June 15. I will join iEARN Conference in Taiwan from July 15 to 24, then will go back to Kenya on July 29. I hope to take tourists to our place then.

We had Yomiuri TV 'Gooto Chikyubin' shooting team from April 13 to 17. I wil let you know in detail later.

Suwako Nagata





Hello, my name is Anthony B. Khajira. I am 18 years old. I live in the
Western Part of Kenya-Kaimosi and I am currently studying Japanese
language. I would like to send my sincere condolences to you for the
suffering you have undergone as a result of the tsunami, earthquake and
leakage in radiations.


I hear over the news and internet of the kind of
suffering you are undergoing and it makes me sad. I pray for your safety
and protection daily. It is my sincere wish that you may regain your
previous status and that together we may forge ahead as one, united not by
distance but by our hearts. I wish you a quick recovery from the huge loss
you incurred and encourage you to do your best in whatever you are involved
in so that together we can create a difference in the next generations to


Please take good care of yourselves because we all need each other in the future. May you be blessed during this hardship moment and even in the

Arigato gozaimasu.
Anthony B. Khajira, Kenya, Africa



I, Clinton Meshack, Otieno, Kenya  kara  desu. 19 years old, would like to
sympathize with you all, students, teachers, parents and children at all
for what happened to your country that is, the tsunami and earthquake that
occurred in your country.

It is with deep sorrow that you students got affected in your education and
normal life, many people lost  their lives and assets due to the tsunami.
We, Kenya hope that all is well with you and you are fairing on well.
 I would also like to encourage you all that, after all that happened about
the natural disaster  that left many homeless. hopeless and ever losing
your  friends, relatives and all that you loved most, that there is a
second chance in life for you to regain your consciousness. I also
encourage you all that it is always good not to dance to the times of poor
spirits who live in gray twilight of time and always remember that you
should not surrender your dreams to noise negatives for one can ruin your
own desire in life and always have a belief that all is well and you can
transform yourself into a better person in life.

I as an individual would like to pass my regards to the Japanese team  that
came to Kenya and taught us about the solar cooker, which is an energy
saver. I have gone to 16 schools so far spreading the knowledge to
everyone.  I appreciate so much for that knowledge because it is now saving
our country from a natural disaster  from cutting trees in search of
firewood and charcoal. This has really moved us a step ahead.

Lastly I had that you have also been affected by the leakage from the
nuclear power plant, I as an individual and a representative of the all
Kenyan nation are sorry for this and we hope that all is going to be well.
In conclusion I would like to invite you all in Kenya so that we can show
our ideas with you  i.g  job creation ideas and also show our culture with
your culture.

Yours sincerely,
Clinton Meshack Otieno



Hello I am Brian Mulama, 18 years old, from Western Kenya, learning Japanese at Amani Computer and Internet College at a place called Kaimosi. 
I am writing this to express my sincere sympathy to the recent disaster that faced your country causing a huge damage and loss of life.
When I saw the disaster in the news I was filled with emotion imagining the damage it had caused your country, The number of people who lost their lives, the number of people people had been left homeless, The number of children that had been left to be orphans, The number of people that had been robbed away their loved ones by the disaster. As you are facing the challenges, I would like to assure you that in my country we are praying for you and requesting God to give you the spirit to move on and face the challenges with all the determination that you can.
Mulama Brian