The monitoring and evaluation plan of the project was created by the project partnership during the project's drafting phase. In order to build this plan we made use of tools and instruments already known within the LLP Programme (e.g.Programme Application Guide) and tools for self evaluation by partnerships. These activities will be coordinate by Polish school.


The evaluation will be dedicated to the following fields:
-progress of the project
-partners’ accomplishment, cooperation, involvement and implementation in the partner schools
-competences (knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and values) gained or developed in the project
-participants’ degree of satisfaction (teachers, pupils, etc.)
-performance of the partnership
-achievement of the objectives of the project
-impact of the project on the participants and the partner schools


We are going to use in our countries tools on-line: a free (up to 100 answers) programme to create a survey mySurveyLab.



Everybody involved in the project will participate in different levels and phases of the evaluation and will be informed about its results, as follows:
-Students involved in the project
-School project teachers’ teams and school coordinators
-School communities: staff, other teachers and students


The evaluation will involve quantitative or qualitative method or combination of both. It will provide different types of information that enables to have better image of the performance of the project. Progress of the project will be controlled by schools’ coordinators.