In the GOAL project participated over 420 students and 20 teachers from 6 countries. It was not easy to organise effective communication and possibility of working together for such big ammount of participants, but it succeeded.

The project participants communicated frequently, mostly via e-mails (over 300 e-mails in 6 months), Skype and GoogleDocs. We also used TwinSpace and social networks. Students' meetings:

1. chat in mixxt social network on 3rd December , all countries.

2. video-conferences via Skype for 3 lower secondary schools in the project.


Videoconference France-Spain :





Terms of videoconferences:

-17th March, Polish and French team


- 8th April, French and Spanish team


- 20th May, Spanish and Polish team



















Videoconference Poland-Spain (5-20-2011):

PARCELS via post

Teams from France , Poland and Spain sent to each other parcels via post: Spanish students did 2 sextants for Polish and French students. French and Polish schools sent gifts and sweets. Below: French and Polish students with the sextants made by Spanish pupils:


Some photos of the process to make the sextants are included in Flickr ("Handmade sextant" set):


On 31st October 2010 was created a social network mixxt. Students and teachers created profiles and published content. Because of safety this portal is closed and avaiable only for members. There was organised a chat for students and teachers from partner countries - unfortunately there was a limit of people who participate in the chat.